Quick thought

Personally I think everyone has their priorities messed up and expectations that are impossible to achieve. No one is realistic in what they want anymore. Its never enough. I think that society is changing in a way that’s unexplainable. For example, dating isn’t just plain old black & white, girl meets guy and falls in love happily ever after anymore. I couldn’t even begin to explain to my grandmother that no, were not dating but we fuck regularly and claim to not care about each other but low-key we do and neither of us want to get hurt but in the end the one who is willing to admit it first is the one going to be hurt. Its just too complicated and idiotic. And with dating apps like tinder anything and I mean anything is possible. I have friends who found the love of their life using the app, along with friends who use the app to have sex with everyone that’s as down as they are. I myself have the app just to swipe on cute boys. I’m not completely set on the idea of meeting someone over the internet, but I’m not against it either. Dating in 2017 is weird.


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