Lifeguards and office hoes?

This 30 day thing isn’t working out but eventually I’ll tell 30 different stories.

The past two summers I’ve been a lifeguard and its super fun. At the end of this last summer our guard party was super cool. It was basically a bunch of cool people I spent the whole summer with getting drunk in or cars and then having the whole pool to ourselves after hours. The manager was one of my best friends, and then I was basically in love with like 3 of the hot lifeguards. I showed up to the party kind of late but when I did the first thing that happened was my friend handed me a bag of weed candy and told me to eat one. Then I was told to go out to a car to get me a mixed drink. After a while I was feeling pretty good and decided I was going to change into a swim suit to get in the pool. We did all kinds of crazy shit off the diving boards and slide. Once it started to get dark we went into the guard room and played cards against humanity. It was fun, they were good people and I loved spending my summer with them. I was faded by like 8 o’clock.

After the party had ended I needed to go to Walmart to get some lace pantyhose for a party. I was crying my eyes out and god knows why. I called my friend and I was just crying probably because I’m a lonely bitch or something. But I went home and fixed my makeup and changed my outfit to go to a CEO’s and office hoes party. I was kind of sobered up by then and went and picked up my friend Nikki. We went to the party and it was a lot of fun. I took a picture with the cutest guy. I don’t know what his name is and the picture doesn’t even show his full face but I didn’t care, I was feeling myself in that outfit and I was feeling him too. Needless to say despite my mini melt down it was a good day.


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