Health in America

Health care in America is a bigger joke than Donald trump. It’s literally so ridiculous. It’s sad that we live in a society where if you can’t afford health insurance you’re screwed because if you get sick or you feel like something is not right, a doctors office won’t even talk to you. If you don’t have insurance all medical facilities are just like well get insurance and then make an appointment. Like I am sick and I need help but because of my lack of insurance I can’t get that help. I’m just left to be scared and wonder if this is serious or if I am actually just going to die. I’m going to die because no place will help me by doing an evaluation I think I genuinely need just because I don’t have insurance. I can’t afford to pay to pay for decent insurance I can barely afford my rent. The only way to get help when you don’t have insurance is by going to the emergency room and racking up an $8000 medical bill. I’ve never felt so helpless. I’m probably not going to die right now but in five years when I’m 25 and have had no doctor visits because I can’t afford them I’m probably going to die from a terrible “incurable” cancer that could’ve been avoided if I got the help I needed when I was 20.


New name new me?

So I half started over on this mostly because if my current boyfriend saw my old posts he’d be super upset and it’s a fight I don’t want to have. I also don’t really live the same life style anymore. I’m just a broke bitch trying to get my shit together but WE’LL SEE 🤷🏽‍♀️

Facebook posts and iss?

The first story I’m going to tell you is the main reason I don’t use Facebook anymore.

Okay so lets throw it all the way back to my sophomore year of high school which was like 2013 I think. Not only did I get ISS (in school suspension) but I was sent home and almost banned from home coming. I don’t think I did anything wrong personally, she deserved it and I was just sticking up for myself. Well it started about 3 days before at a football game. I was wearing some cute ombre shorts they weren’t the longest but believe me there was no cheek hanging out but this girl Amanda was so concerned she had to run her mouth about me during the whole football game. So a few days go by and its hoco week at school so I dressed up for a spirit day wearing a different pair of shorts, and I cant remember why but apparently my outfit of choice offended her. She even posted about it on Facebook. I remember the status being along the lines of ‘maybe people wouldn’t  call you a whore if you wore shorts longer than your vagina.’ Let me tell you, this girl was never very nice. I tried to confront her in the hallway two separate times. The first time she just walked away and the second time she told our security guard I was trying to fight her which is NOT TRUE whatsoever. So I angrily made a status calling her out about a video she sent to some guy a while back and I made the mistake of tagging her in it. About 20 minutes later the security guard John came and pulled me from class and took me to the office. We both sat in front of the principal where I basically just got my ass chewed out. He printed out the very graphic and mean statuses we made toward each other and gave them to my mom. It was so embarrassing, the things she said were awful and not even completely true. But my principal was my pal so he let us both off without cyber bullying tickets, which bless up for that one. To this day I don’t post anything besides the occasional selfie or share a funny video. It was a lesson learned, and I’ve grown a lot since then. I wasn’t in the best of places at the time and I’m not proud but hey, 15 year old girls can’t really help it.

Quick thought

Personally I think everyone has their priorities messed up and expectations that are impossible to achieve. No one is realistic in what they want anymore. Its never enough. I think that society is changing in a way that’s unexplainable. For example, dating isn’t just plain old black & white, girl meets guy and falls in love happily ever after anymore. I couldn’t even begin to explain to my grandmother that no, were not dating but we fuck regularly and claim to not care about each other but low-key we do and neither of us want to get hurt but in the end the one who is willing to admit it first is the one going to be hurt. Its just too complicated and idiotic. And with dating apps like tinder anything and I mean anything is possible. I have friends who found the love of their life using the app, along with friends who use the app to have sex with everyone that’s as down as they are. I myself have the app just to swipe on cute boys. I’m not completely set on the idea of meeting someone over the internet, but I’m not against it either. Dating in 2017 is weird.

A Small Disclaimer

My writing skills are average at best and that’s okay with me. Everything on here will incorporated from my own personal experiences. Be prepared to read about sex, friendships, and probably an awful lot of drinking. If you simply choose to live your life differently please leave any judgment elsewhere for I do not care. I’ll be the first to say this, my life is a big shit show. ENJOY